Traceability and Coding Solutions

The demands the industry is placing on growers and packers increase daily, with strict requirements focused on traceability and food safety. GLI provides you the systems and solutions with the greatest flexibility and return on investment, so you can meet current and future Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) requirements with confidence.

LD PRO: The Complete Traceability Solution

LD Pro is GLI’s next generation, premier case coding and traceability system, automating the printing of the PTI barcode on all your cases. LD Pro offers seamless integration into your current line and ensures you can track your produce all the way back to the field—every time. Consider LD Pro your complete traceability solution.


Product highlights:

  • Meets traceability requirements
  • Is fast and scalable
  • Captures critical data
  • Integrates with warehouse management and accounting systems
  • Is customizable
  • Uses a robust conveying system
  • Offers multiple printing options

LD Pro ensures:

Tighter control of packed weights for bigger savings
Higher throughput, increased uptime, less downtime
Labor savings through detailed tracking of worker productivity

How It Works

LD Pro assigns a unique license plate for each case, which carries more than 35 attributes. Those attributes include grower, storage, variety, grade, lot and more. These assigned attributes help you meet food safety requirements now and in the future.You can also analyze your warehouse data and increase the efficiencies in your packing process. LD Pro uses an in-motion scale that controls the over and underweights of your finished product.

LD Pro’s software is intuitive, easy to use and can integrate with your current warehouse software. And the hardware is rugged—built with Markem-Imaje marking and coding solutions.


GLI is known across the industry for our service. We understand the produce packing industry. When you install LD Pro, we support you every step of the way. We guarantee outstanding support and rapid response to questions.

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