Software Solutions

GLI offers a variety of software solutions to meet and exceed your end-to-end production needs.

LD Pro Integrated Solution

GLI’s customizable software, Line Director Pro (LD Pro), is the industry’s premier, integrated software and hardware solution designed to improve your production efficiency. With LD Pro, you can meet traceability and food safety requirements, increase data accuracy and reduce production line downtime.

LD Pro ensures three key benefits:

  • Tighter control of packed weights for bigger savings
  • Higher throughput, increased uptime, less downtime
  • Labor savings with detailed tracking of worker productivity

LD Pro also helps you manage your equipment integration, warehouse management integration, destination control, remote access, packing line efficiency and more.

This customizable, complete solution is innovation at its best for food packers and shippers everywhere.

Software Solutions
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Enterprise Integration

Enterprise Software allows for data integration with your Accounting solution and or Warehouse Management System (WMS). All pertinent information is automatically imported into LDPro. It is Graphic Label’s data management solution designed to keep all your critical data in one location.

Custom Reporting

Our intranet based reporting solution give you the ability to pull accurate reports in real time as your product is being packed. Reports can be customized and there is even a dashboard feature to watch your production line(s) in real time as well.

Destination Control

Destination Control is designed to facilitate easy control of palletization by directing products to specific physical locations, based on your needs. Options are available via a drop-down menu in our LD Pro solution software, or can be selected independently via dedicated “destination barcodes” which have been applied or printed onto the products.


Other Software We Work With

Other Software We Work With

  • Bartender
  • CABLabel S3 Pro
  • NiceLabel
  • ZebraDesigner
  • Colos
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