Stock Label and Tags

GLI knows labels. We provide clamshell labels, bin tags, pallet tags, ink and ribbons to track produce from the field to the retail shelf. We understand your industry, so we make sure our high-quality consumable solutions get to you on time, every time.

From the design phase to the end-product arriving at your plant, our goal is to help you move products through your processing line faster so you can decrease costs and boost your ROI.

GLI’s first-time customers become satisfied repeat customers!


We carry hundreds of stock labels and sizes to match your needs, including:

  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Direct thermal labels
  • Pallet labels with multiple stubs
  • Solid colored and striped labels
  • Fluorescent labels
  • Mesh bag machine labels

GLI ensures your labels have the correct adhesive for the job, including food grade, permanent, opaque, block out or removable adhesive labels.

We also make ordering painless. GLI takes you from the label concept to the design to the finished label—with ease. And we provide millions of custom labels, from produce clamshell labels to beef and window labels.


GLI supplies the agricultural industry with quality tags including RPC, bin, pallet, carcass and more. We ensure your bins and boxes display clear, easy-to-read safety and product information.


GLI supplies premium thermal ribbons for all your thermal printing needs, including:

  • Thermal transfer labels
  • Wax ribbons
  • Wax/resin ribbons
  • Full resin ribbons
  • Near edge technology ribbons
  • Colored ribbons
  • Security enhanced ribbons

Because of our years of experience in the field, we can help you decide on the ribbon that will best print onto your chosen substrate. We keep plenty of ribbons on our shelves, ready to ship to you often the same day you request them.


GLI supplies Markem-lmaje Touch Dry® Hot Melt inks. The codes and images never bleed or fade, they dry on contact, and they deliver 100% readable, GS 1 compliant codes.

We have you covered. When it comes to the quality tags, labels, ribbons and ink you need to track your products through production and storage, to meet your food safety requirements, and to market to your waiting consumers, GLI is your trusted partner.

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